Awesomely simple club loyalty management

Stop worrying about paperwork for tracking your members. The best part? It's free!
Replacement for Running Apps?

RunClub is not a replacement for run tracking apps like Strava or MapMyRun. We do not track time, distance, or elevation.

RunClub is for tracking the loyalty of your members. Members should still use their run tracking apps to track their stats. They can also use RunClub to track their attendance and club score.

An Amazon fire tablet with app installed


Simple Registration

Your members can easily join your club on the tablet or through the member web-portal

Simple Check-in

Members pick a check-in option and are immediately shown their current progress

Track Achievements

Want to reward members? Offer achievements to keep them motivated to get to that next level

Increase Foot Traffic

Making the tablet the only way to check-in means members will get to engage in-person with each other at your venue

Weather Analytics

Do your members show up in the rain? What members will show up if it's very humid? Easily track what weather patterns affect turnout the most

Swag Tracker

Do you offer swag? Track which of your members have received swa

How It Works

Manager Portal
A screenshot of the manager portal for

Use the manager portal at to view and update members' information. Managers can also add and edit achievements to encourage members to continue their progress. When members earn achievements, the portal enables tracking of when swag was given.

The App
An Amazon fire tablet with app installed
Download the free app

Members use the tablet app to check-in at your venue. Members also see their progress on achievements via the tablet app. You can also get members to sign up via the tablet app if they don't want to sign up for a member account.

Member Portal
A screenshot of the member portal on

Members can access their portal at to view their score at your club. Members can also edit their personal information and have it update all their memberships.